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For best results, we recommend you shampoo your bundles two times and condition once. When rinsing out product, rinse until there aren’t any more suds left in the hair. Any leftover residue will result in dull and stiff hair. Who wants that? Hang dry your bundles or lay them flat to air dry.

Now you’re ready to install!

Daily Hair Care:

Make sure you comb your hair daily. Gently brush hair starting at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Starting at the ends first allows you to keep tension off of the weft area and maintain longevity of the extensions.

Before Bedtime:

Gently brush hair to remove any tangles. You can simply do a couple of big braids, put hair in a ponytail, pin curl, or wrap your hair. Then cover hair with a satin bonnet/scarf or you can also use a silk pillow case.
*Never sleep on your hair while it’s wet. That is the easiest way to matte the hair. Make sure hair is completely dry before bedtime and you shouldn’t have any worries.

Color Tip:

If you are not familiar with hair coloring, please take your extensions to a hair professional. Over processing your extensions with bleaches and dyes can be very damaging.

Keeping Curly Texture:

For best results: Co-wash your RICH & RITZY curly texture with a cleansing conditioner, (no shampoo needed) rinse out with cool water and RINSE WELL! Lay it flat to air dry and then install. Cool water will keep the pattern tight as warm or hot water will loosen the pattern. It is MANDATORY that you use a curl defining product while your hair is wet. Doing so will give your hair a nice and soft, tamed wet look while the hair is dry. Curl defining products keeps the hair from frizzing and getting big and poofy. It also locks the curl pattern in place. You should wet and reapply curl defining product daily.

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